Good strong red flower colour, great bird attractors and for cut flowers. They were generally a bit untidy and frankly uninteresting to a novice who craved big showy flowers. Feed small quantities of native mix feretiliser once a year. And we're here to help! Saved from In pots try a Protea Mix with a gravel mulch on top. View all posts by Abah Sidiq Post navigation. 2018-11-12. There are many dwarf forms of Banksia spinulosa, so many it can be quite confusing and seem a little ridiculous when it comes to choosing one. It has been in for three months. Will benefit from feeding twice per year with a. to your door Dense compact shrub to 50cm x 90cm wide with showy gold candles with cherry red styles, late summer and winter. Banksia cherry candles - Google Search spinulosa is a hardy low growing shrub to 60cm in height and 1.2m in width. Cherry Candles is a feast for the honeyeaters. Banksia spinulosa ‘Birthday Candles’, grows 50cm high to 1m wide with a fine display of golden yellow flowers. You’ve got what it takes to make great candles. Attract nectar feeding birds to your garden Best in well drained soils, full or part sun. As a one year old, it will produce three or four beautiful flower spikes that are possibly larger than the plant itself; by year five or six, twenty or thirty dark cherry-coloured candles will be covering the plant.